To all in Redding in transition.

To all of you in Redding in transition and in need of money, I had a dream last night that is for you. I was walking across a bridge/overpass with a bunch of others and saw the four winds as tornados off to the east. Once I saw them, I grimaced but then was reminded to smile and laugh. I did so and as soon as I did, they took off north up I-5 and a cloud of cash was sent to the bridge and everyone on it.

I was the first to understand what was happening and grabbed a $20 bill out of the air. Then all of a sudden there was so much on the ground that it could be picked up by the hand-full. The next amount was $100 and then $1000 and then it was so much that I couldn’t even keep up and count it.

Everyone else was having the same experience. And then, as soon as the money was gone, it was gone.

To me, this speaks of people who are in a temporary transition and God supplying the funds to make it happen until you are on the other side and in the new season.

When you feel the winds of change, instead of grimacing, smile and laugh all around and know that God is sending you money and provision from any and every angle.


About fulloffire

I love Jesus, I love my wife, I love my baby girl, and I love our dogs. I love seeing people lit on fire for God, our all consuming fire and passionate lover of our souls. I hate sickness, disease, death, debt, unemployment and any other injustice. I love people.
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