God is weird.

Sometimes I wonder how many people who are against any Charismatic “manifestations” actually read their Bible and look for weirdness instead of rules. Seriously, Elijah’s life was weird. Ezekiel’s life was weird. Adam talked to a snake and it talked back. Jesus was born of a VIRGIN. Jesus walked on water. Paul went from slaughtering Christians like sheep to being a foundation of the church. Noah built a massive boat in a place that never flooded and maybe never rained. Heck, Balaam’s donkey screamed at him.

Then there’s the next 2000 years of Christian history and it just gets “weirder” as we look at our favorite traditions both Catholic and Protestant. The whole book of Acts is filled with weird. Stories of Catholic saints are weird. Jonathan Edwards’ meetings had people falling out of trees.

We have to take our rules and “understanding” and make them bow before the name of Jesus too otherwise knowledge and wisdom become our salvation. That’s Gnosticism. Honestly, for people who are bound by rules and have denied their ability to be awestruck and full of wonder at God will be really bored when they get to heaven. In heaven, it’s entirely possible that’s all there is; wonder and awe at who He is.

I believe it’s important to read the Scriptures for possibilities and hope in one’s heart that the amazing things we have heard of are for us. There’s a difference between looking for possibilities rather than looking to disprove something we don’t understand. I believe that’s what makes a true Berean; not looking to disprove what one hears, but rather looking to see if it’s true so one can believe without doubting.

How much sense did it make for God to send His own son to give up His own life for a people who had botched it in every way?

Real faith looks weird because Love is weird.


About fulloffire

I love Jesus, I love my wife, I love my baby girl, and I love our dogs. I love seeing people lit on fire for God, our all consuming fire and passionate lover of our souls. I hate sickness, disease, death, debt, unemployment and any other injustice. I love people.
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