My new job

So, I realized that I have an encouraging story to tell you about the new job I started in late June 2012. To do so, obviously you need a bit of a foundation laid. My wife and I moved to Redding, CA in 2011 after visiting in January of that year. We visited Redding and Bethel Church with the intent to see what it was like and if God would give us some direction. Totally on faith as we were sitting in the Healing Rooms, we just made the decision to be intentional and set a date to move and we decided on April 1. To be honest, for me the decision was more about what Cherie needed and wanted than what I needed and wanted. I knew I needed a big change and to get out of Texas where I grew up. I knew there were only 3 places we were willing to go to sink roots and we picked Redding and Bethel. Not more than 1 hour later, while sitting in a restaurant, Cherie gets a text from her sister about a dream that she had a couple mornings prior. She basically saw us moving away from what was comfortable and easy where our family was and to something new. She had no idea we were in California and she certainly had no idea that we had made the decision an hour before. Talk about instant confirmation!

So, God worked out ALL the kinks and we packed up and moved to Cottonwood, CA which is 15 miles south of Redding. About 1 month later God opened a door for me to be ushered into a job that was easy for me and paid enough to cover our bills. It was a wonderful workplace, full of believers and a great atmosphere. It happened so fast that if you knew anything of Redding’s job market, it could only have been Papa God that worked that one for our good. 6 months go by and I am in Minneapolis on a business trip. I am fed up with the job and the corporate culture that was being dictated to our local office and needed to move on. It just so happened that the guy I was going to work with on the trip was a former BSSM student and an on-fire believer. During the course of the trip, I had him prophesy over me. He prophesied a time-frame and even the title of the position that I would get.

During the next 6 months (the time-frame) I received multiple confirming words through multiple different sources that helped keep me going. We kept thinking of old words about going backwards to go forward (the job I got in Redding was definitely going backward) and were waiting for the going forward part. So, about 5 months after the trip to Minneapolis, I took a chance and applied for a management position. I had no management experience on my resume so it was a long shot. The position was for exactly what my friend had prophesied for me. To make a long story short, just a few days before the 6 month time-frame expired, I got the job offer and I started 2 weeks later.

So, I just wanted to throw that out to all of you, it may take longer than you want, but once God makes you a promise and you keep pressing forward in faith, it WILL happen. If Satan gets in the way, resist him and he WILL flee from you; then keep pressing forward until the promise is fulfilled.

Isn’t Papa God really good???!!!


About fulloffire

I love Jesus, I love my wife, I love my baby girl, and I love our dogs. I love seeing people lit on fire for God, our all consuming fire and passionate lover of our souls. I hate sickness, disease, death, debt, unemployment and any other injustice. I love people.
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3 Responses to My new job

  1. Great story, Sam. Thanks for sharing! I’m in a similar situation and need to hear testimonies like this.

  2. Yes! He is so GOOD! Congratulations and thank-you for the encouraging word!

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