My reply to: “Rick Perry and the 10th Amendment”

My reply to: “Rick Perry and the 10th Amendment” by Ian Kelly

As one who is a Constitutionalist and a State’s rights advocate, I have thought about this issue. Personally, I can live with the balance of a state deciding about these issues because of the need for separation of powers if we as a citizens of the USA are going to have any freedoms at all. I believe the freedom to choose is the lifeblood of a free nation and a free citizenry. As a Christian, I also believe in the right to choose because that is how we were created.

I do also, very strongly believe in the distinction between “beneficial vs permissible.” If we, as Christians, cannot understand the grace we were given then we, as political Christians will attempt to enforce grace upon people who can’t handle it and it will turn into anarchy, which I believe is what we are seeing now. Our country’s freedoms were founded on grace and without the Blood and the Holy Spirit, it is freedom to choose life, gone awry. So, in order to control sin that is killing our country we enact laws that those under bondage cannot live under because they don’t understand what their spirit is telling them and out of guilt and shame and no small doctrine of demons, they choose to murder that baby or choose that aberrant lifestyle.

How does one legislate grace? I believe that individual states can get away with this to varying degrees far easier than a nation can. But, as Kingdom people, we must spread the Gospel of the Kingdom as Jesus did, and that Gospel will be the only thing that will change the nation as a whole.

Where does that leave us with the necessary issues of ending abortion and the legalization of gay marriage? We need strategic prayers and answers; like Wilberforce, we have tried to preach the message of the freedom to choose the right over the wrong and have alienated those who need the Gospel the most. What he was given as the answer to slavery was to defund it by “left-handed” methods which is what we are now seeing with the defunding of Planned Parenthood. I believe the only effective weapon we have in a system like ours is money.

I had a dream recently that told me that God absolutely loves this country as He does all countries and their peoples. He wants freedom for us more than we do. Our approach as revivalists and activists is to ask Holy Spirit how to take down the powers of the air and that’s as Jesus did it, by going after the people they have agreement with. Get them in the Kingdom and the powers fall. To stop the legality of the behaviors, we also need that revelatory strategy and it may be done by conservatives who don’t even know they are being utilized by God to enact justice on the spirits behind it.


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I love Jesus, I love my wife, I love my baby girl, and I love our dogs. I love seeing people lit on fire for God, our all consuming fire and passionate lover of our souls. I hate sickness, disease, death, debt, unemployment and any other injustice. I love people.
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