Patterns of this world wear me out

Patterns that define us

I am becoming more and more intrigued by what Paul talks about in Romans 12:2 and about what the patterns of this world actually are. How many patterns do I adhere to that bring nothing but bondage and death? So far, I haven’t come very close to what Jesus said would happen as those who believe go forth; that we will do signs, wonders, healings, miracles, raising the dead, preaching the Gospel, etc… I argue that if I am not yet seeing these things, it’s because I am conforming to a pattern of this world instead of a pattern of Jesus Christ.

There are so many verifiable testimonies of others are already overcoming the Enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony in Jesus. Logically then, if I am not overcoming the Enemy in the basics that Jesus told me to do, then I am in some form of alignment with said Enemy instead of God. That is unacceptable! Jesus went to the Cross so that I have the power to no longer be in rebellion against Him which is the main pattern of the world that is the basis of all those other patterns.

Raising the dead is basic Christianity

I remember a story I heard recently of a woman in Africa whose husband died just hours after she became a Christian. She believed and raised her husband from the dead but didn’t know how to lead him to Jesus. How backwards is that from the way we are taught in the West? I can tell you this: I have never been taught how to raise the dead. I was raised in the Church and saved at an early age but was never discipled in the basics. What I was discipled in was how to not sin and how to beg for forgiveness if I ever did sin, which was apparently inevitable.

That’s not Jesus and not the Holy Spirit who lives inside me who I have in many ways been resisting since I became saved because that’s what I have been taught to do.

No wonder I am only 30 years old and exhausted.


About fulloffire

I love Jesus, I love my wife, I love my baby girl, and I love our dogs. I love seeing people lit on fire for God, our all consuming fire and passionate lover of our souls. I hate sickness, disease, death, debt, unemployment and any other injustice. I love people.
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