Dream about the Church; salt and light.

Twice now I’ve had a dream about being in a castle with a LOT of monks/priests. It got really odd and sexually disturbing between many of the monks. I fled the castle trying to get away and found a cottage not far away with 2 women living there. They seemed normal and OK at first but then it became obvious that one of the women was being affected by what was going on with the monks so I had to leave to get farther away from the spreading immorality.

The castle represents the bastion of safety for the world that the church is supposed to be; it represents a kingdom. Scripture tells us that we are a kingdom of priests because of Jesus, the High Priest. The monks/priests are the people of the Church.

I believe this dream to be an illustration of what Jesus said was the cause of uncleanness. What has made us unclean as a church was what was going on inside already, not what was being ingested. I believe this is a sign of the Church and the problem of salt and light. The Church does not get affected by the world but vice versa. What has made the Church unclean was our own actions and not the influence of world on us, even though our sin nature is already dead and we are not subject to it. At this point if there’s sin in the Church, it’s because we choose to sin so if there’s evil in the world it’s because we, the Church like Adam, let it loose by OUR actions. The world is the victim of the Church’s negligence and compromise with our Enemy, not our compromise with the world. Remember, our battle is NOT against flesh and blood but rather those spirits who are in control over the hearts and minds of those not bought by Jesus’s blood and filled with His Spirit.

We in America somehow think our government can legislate morality and yes, in some ways it *can* effectively stop some immoral behavior. However, the Church is still responsible for the spread of light in the earth just as Adam and Eve were. The 2nd Adam has done His part on the Cross and now most of the rest is up to us. When judgement comes, it will not be on the sinner first, but the saint. It is not the sinner who should know better, it is the saint because those who have been set free are free indeed. The sinner cannot be legislated into freedom because if righteousness could be obtained through the law, Christ died for nothing.

Monks have always had some things right, like wearing brown, a cloak of humility and being devoted to Jesus. However, pride can always creep in and then all of a sudden that cloak of humility turns into a covering for shame because pride came in before a fall happened. Thankfully, we as Christians have a loving Advocate on our behalf if we sin and we can be restored. However, it is far better to buy gold refined in the fire to begin with than suffer judgement and restoration.


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I love Jesus, I love my wife, I love my baby girl, and I love our dogs. I love seeing people lit on fire for God, our all consuming fire and passionate lover of our souls. I hate sickness, disease, death, debt, unemployment and any other injustice. I love people.
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